How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour


How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

Earning money as a freelancer has become more difficult nowadays. But if we see the latest market trend earning money as a freelancer is also profitable. The most earning freelancers are those who have a great knowledge in the field of website and app development. App and website development field for freelancers has been a great topic and each and every new organizations and individual who are planning to build a profitable business, hire freelancers for making apps or websites. Moreover logo designing in the field of freelancers also more profitable. And moreover writing and translation business is also becoming a trending job for freelancers.

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

Earn Fast By People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a  perfect freelancing platform that provides freelancers with a perfect way to earn money.  Payment rates are comparatively high than other freelancing platforms like Freelancer And Upwork.In People Per Hour, you can sell your services in two ways.

Offer Directly

People Per Hour provides freelancers or sellers to send direct proposals to Buyers on the jobs that are listed or posted by the buyers. Buyers are those who post jobs or offer jobs to freelancers. Sellers are those who perform the job or work if they are selected to do the job. Now if want to perform for a job first thing that you check other freelancers from different websites to check the market rate for the similar work you are going to respond. If you offer your customer(buyer) to do the task at a cheap rate, you will easily get a job and day by day when you drive your customer traffic towards your profile, you may increase your rate. It is a  very good way to directly offer your job and you should be aware that you should write a good offer letter for the job.


It is one of the most amazing and unique features provided by People Per Hour. It a unique facility for sellers. It helps to post your job skills. Suppose if you are website developer, you may post a Hourlie which you can explain how you can design a website for anyone for this much amount. You should try to provide a good heading as it is really very important to attract the customers. Moreover, you should provide a cheap rate by comparing other Hourlies posted. Moreover, you should highlight the components you will provide in the project.


How To Become A Freelancer At People Per Hour

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour


Build A Good Profile

First, to become a freelancer you should possess at least some skills on which basis you are going to do jobs. So you should prepare a good profile where you write your details like a bio-data. You should mention some of your work experiences and also some necessary documents so that any customer visiting your profile will come to know about you. If you have no concept to build a good profile you should other freelancers profiles who possess a similar skill. People per Hour has an algorithm that ranks profiles according to the detailing of the freelancer /seller.

Step1>>Regsiter and Provide Details

How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

First open People Per Hour 

Then click on Sign up  

And then fill up your first name, last name, your email address, and location

Choose your account type as a seller (i.e. freelancer)


Sign Up With Facebook

Now check your Gmail account and you will find a mail from People Per Hour. Now Click on “click here”  after opening the mail to verify your account

Step2>. Fill up the Details And Find Jobs

After that, you click on apply now and you have to click on apply now and fill the job title, phone per hour rate, about you, a cover image and a profile photo of your own.

Then after filling up the details, you see that a profile picture appears on the top bar right-hand side with your name. Now click on  the name  and click on edit profile(appears as profile|edit) ,then check whether all details are present add if something is missing(carefully check your skills)

Then Click on done and click  Sell And then select which you want. If you want to browse jobs you can simply browse jobs and you can offer a customer or you can post an Hourlie in a very attractive manner. In beginner level post Hourlie by providing work at a very cheap rate and also do same when you apply for a job.

You can also share there invite link in various social media platforms to earn money uptto $45

Payment Details

People Per Hour pays freelancers via Paypal or Bank account. In order to withdraw your earning you have to visit payment section and click on withdraw fund. You can choose PayPal or bank account and this company usually takes a day to process your request to withdraw your earning from People Per Hour


How To Earn Online From People Per Hour

That’s all

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